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Our newest endeavour is a Brush Cutter.   It will cut up to a six inch hard wood tree. The cutter will reach 21 feet up, down a slope or to either side.   

Diamond Environmental Inc. is a family owned and run business.  It was formed in 1994.  We started off with sweeping islands, sidewalks and boulevards. We have grown to offer many more services such as sweeping intersections, patrol yards and sidewalks, guide rail installation, snow blowing, grass mowing, brush cutting and guide rail trimming.  We also built a birm removal machine to restore gravel from under guide rails.  We have worked for the MTO, municipalities, towns, individuals and other maintenance companies.  Our company adheres to book 7.  We also carry $5,000,000.00 auto and liability insurance. We are willing to adjust to meet your maintenance needs, for in the future. Our company is available for all your road maintenance needs.  

Services We Offer Include(but are not limited to)

-Grass mowing side of road
-trimming behind guide rails   
-Brush Cutting
-Sweeping intersections/sidewalks/boulevards              
-Snow Blowing
-Installing guide rails                                                       
-Birm Removal

Diamond Environmental Inc.

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